Al Darwish Engineering
هندسة الدرويش (ذ.م.م)

Roads & Infrastructure in Al Egda, Al Heedan and Al Khor - Package 01

The project area is approximately 128 Hectares linked to Doha by Al Shamal Road and Al Khor Expressway, and linked to Al Thakhira by three routes, as follows,
  • From Al Thakhira road through Commercial Street;
  • From the ring road to Al Thakhira intersection at the north of the down;
  • From the expressway through the western intersection.
The project area is located on the western outskirts of the existing town of Al Khor, located 50km North of Doha. Al Khor Town west area is located within Al Khor Municipality. The Municipality included beside Al Khor Town, Al Thakhira Town, the Ras Laffan Industrial City and the neighboring villages and inhabitant groups. Al Khor Municipality comprises the following zones, according to the Qatar area referencing system (QARS):
  • Zone 74: Sunay / Al Khor
  • Zone 75: Al Thakhira / Rass Laffan / Umm Birka
  • Zone 76: Al Guwairiya
Project consisting of Local/Internal roads with ROWs 16 m & 24 M (Approximate 19 km Total Length). The Project site is located within Zone 74 and the following figure represents an overall view of the project location



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